What Should I Pay Attention to when Buying a Tractor?

2022-11-02 10:06

1. Brand

AGRIOTEC   Tractor reminds everyone that the brand is also a decisive factor for everyone to choose a tractor, because the big brand tractors have high quality and low maintenance rate. For example, tractors of some foreign brands and tractors of well-known domestic brands are favored by many drivers.

2. Engine brand

The quality of the engine directly affects the handling. Domestic good engine brands Yuchai, Chaiwei and Shangchai are all good choices.

3. Horsepower

Many farm operators choose a tractor first, and natural horsepower is the judging factor, because a high-horsepower tractor can do more work and save time and effort.

4. Number of driving wheels

Many drivers generally prefer 4WD tractors because 4WD sounds better than 2WD. Of course, 4WD is more capable than 4WD and 2WD. In fact, two-wheel drive also has benefits, such as being more fuel efficient, lighter, and more nimble, especially when turning around and hitting straws.

5. Turbo

In fact, turbocharging is the current market trend. Foreign advanced engines are turbocharged. Turbocharging allows a smaller displacement engine to burst into more power. There are now many farm workers modifying supercharged engines themselves.

6. Power output

In my country, the power output before tractor matching is gradually developing, which also directly affects the development of domestic farm implements before power output matching. Therefore, power output is also important for operation.

7. Gearbox

Old drivers know that a tractor gearbox has gone through several stages: mechanical shifting, semi-power shifting, full power shifting, and continuous shifting. CVTs are undoubtedly good, but they are also expensive. The difference between continuously variable transmission and power transmission is not a little bit, and there are only a handful of tractor models equipped with inorganic transmission in China.

8. Cab

Many friends who drive AGRIOTEC   tractors, especially those from Northeast China and Xinjiang, cannot stop their love for the cab. Of course, there are more real needs.

9. Appearance

Of course, choosing a cost-effective tractor is also something every farmer needs to do. After all, it has a face to turn on.

10. Price

Buying a tractor must have a certain budget. Then make the relevant choices according to your needs.